For the natural digestive ecosystem

About Herbaferm

Herbaferm drops offer a natural solution to today’s endemic digestive disorders. The concentrate is produced using a unique formula and process. It contains live microorganisms and specially extracted herbal essences that gently support the restoration of healthy digestion and the regeneration of the body. The singularity of the product’s natural mode of action lies in replenishing the substances our food and water had contained earlier (before industrialisation), thereby promoting the body’s recuperative processes and renewal.


Symptomatic relief – The direct effects of taking Herbaferm regularly include the reduction and/or complete disappearance of unpleasant digestive problems (bloating, cramps, defecation problems).

Balance – Microorganisms propagated during fermentation facilitate the restoration of the natural balance of the digestive system. Of all the diverse natural microorganisms the species conforming to the current food can promote your digestion, therefore, Herbaferm drops support your intestinal flora in adapting to your meals and diet.

Regeneration – Once the digestive process is back to normal, the body regains its healthy balance and in a few months performance also increases.

How does it work?

Repopulates the microbiological ecosystem of the intestinal tract (intestinal flora - microbiome).

Ensures the digestion, absorption and utilisation of nutrients.

Promotes the digestion of food and the absorption of nutrients.

Converts unnecessary metabolites into substances indispensable for our body. This way they do not accumulate and the immune system need not deal with them.

Custom solution that repopulates the missing components of the intestinal flora and keeps the existing ones level.